Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Ice Pike

Another ice fishing season is underway. Hordes of hardwater enthusiasts are taking advantage of the early start and spudding their way onto frozen lakes and ponds in search of hungry fish. The first part of ice season is arguably the most productive so now is the time to use those sick days you've been banking up. It's no secret that fish tend to be more active and aggressive when lakes first lock up with ice, and pike are no exception. That's good to know because pike fishing can be painfully slow; any edge you can give yourself is a plus. 

Friends and I capitalized on the early-ice conditions by logging two consecutive 12-hour shifts in prime pike habitat. The action lived up to the hype with five respectable specimen caught and released and just as many missed opportunities. The best part about the two-day bender was that it was a team effort--each angler landed a quality fish and everyone pitched in around the hole. It was a great way to start what we hope is a long and prosperous hardwater season. Good luck and be safe out there!

Photo credit: Aaron Swanson

Photo credit: Aaron Swanson

Photo credit: Aaron Swanson

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