Monday, December 6, 2010

Wood Is Good

Winter is a great time of year for saltwater anglers to catch up on things they put off during the long fishing season. I use my off season from the salt to make leaders, tie flies, rig eels, and swap out rusty hooks. Some crafty anglers use this time of year to create wooden fishing lures that drive both fish and fishermen crazy. A friend and local plug builder has taken this hobby and turned it into a full-time business. Lordship Lure Co. is quickly becoming a household name in surfcasting circles along the Northeast. Lordship is based in and named after a small waterfront neighborhood in Stratford, Connecticut. Each one of Ron's wooden plugs is handmade using the highest quality components. He has a full line of fish-catchers from eel skin Atom 40's to small needlefish to a fantastic top-water spook. Below is a look inside the Lordship Lure headquarters.

Local surf legend John Posh ties each and every siwash bucktail.


  1. Thats great.
    I love it when creative people show their talent.

  2. Great post...thank you. Going to buy some of them......waterworker