Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fall Carping

A close friend of mine has taken his carp fishing interest to another level. He's into it big time right now. While I don't get to join him as often as I would like, when I do he usually brings everything but the kitchen sink and the spot has been pre-baited for days. I joined him and my uncle on two such sessions this week. One night we crushed them with nine carp coming to the net. The second night was a different story, but the three inches of rain the day before had something to do with that. We waited all night for one run-off from a 23-pound heffer. 

I've always enjoyed fishing for carp, yet never crossed the line to where things get serious in terms of top-shelf gear and bait preparation. Maybe someday, but for now sitting in with these guys once in a while is good enough for me. It's such a blast kicking back with a few drinks and shooting the shit between bite alarms going off. And when you do get a water buffalo on the line, man do they pull hard! I'm already looking forward to the next night on the bank.