Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer Daze

Time is flying by at mach speed. Back in May our family was blessed with another baby girl. She's growing like a weed and doing new things everyday. She also makes it three girls vs. one guy in our household. While heavily outnumbered, I'm holding my own and still getting on the water when I can. It's been a fun summer so far and we're about to kick it up a notch with a trip to Cape Cod tomorrow--it's become a great tradition and one we hope to continue for many years. Enjoy your families and fish when you can.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Editor's note: it has been some time since the last post here, but for good reason. My wife and I recently welcomed a new addition to the family--another healthy baby girl and future fishing partner. Life has been busy, but incredibly good to us. To get the blog going again, here is an enjoyable piece from my friend Chad. To me, it's about taking a needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and soaking in lasting memories with family. My own wolf pack leaves for a respite on Cape Cod soon and we plan on taking Chad's advice. You should too. 

endeavors - for my wife, amanda

who knew such pleasure ever
our pedestrian endeavors
pass so quick through the stations
quick like a week’s vacation.

where we were just there together
time slipped like a joyful endeavor
those good times we take
on the beach at the lake.

times move on right in front of me
for me and my family.
we take stock of what we got
and we leap from the dock.

we drink our fruit soaked with wine
beneath the smell of the pines
where we laugh and we stand
with our feet in the sand.

we go down by the water
me my son and my daughter
and I watch her in the light
happy wife happy life.

and we go there on and ever
toiling through the real life endeavors
took down while still warm we learned
all the good times we’ve earned.

and we wouldn’t trade it never
our pedestrian endeavors
right there waiting in the stations
a weeks vacation gets taken.