Monday, February 1, 2010

Wolf Moon

Moon phases play a major role in Native American culture. Each month's full moon was given at least one name by the natives; sometimes several. One of January's full moon names is the Wolf Moon, which derives from when hungry wolf packs would howl outside indian villages on winter nights. 

It was under a bright Wolf Moon that I last walked on the ice. Our headlamps were more or less useless during setup in the predawn hours. The temperature dropped to zero degrees, yet we still worked up a sweat. After base camp was settled, the sun rose over the tree line and tip-up flags started popping. Maybe the full moon turned on the trout bite? It was a great day on the ice either way. 

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  1. Nice video. It's cool for me to see because I've never seen a fish pulled up onto the ice in real life, just on the interwebs for now.