Sunday, November 28, 2010

Transition Trout

In late fall every year there is a few-week span between putting my saltwater gear away and drilling holes through the ice. One of my favorite ways to fill this void is by casting for trout and walleye along the Saugatuck Reservoir in southwestern Connecticut. This is the first year in many that I dropped the ball and didn't get my seasonal reservoir pass. Instead I have been keeping busy fly fishing on the Farmington River. Aaron and I spent a good part of our Saturday there nymphing and throwing streamers. It wasn't lock and load, yet we manged to put a handful trout in the net using small nymph patterns. A few of the brown trout had all the signs of stream-born specimen, which is always nice to see. I am enjoying my time on the river, but it won't be long before Old Man Winter has a firm grip on New England and ice season starts in earnest. 


  1. Great pics guys, nice to get in some winter fly fishing on the thaw-out days. Can you share which nymph patterns you like to use in the winter/sizes?


  2. Thanks, Chris! You can't go wrong with pheasant tail nymphs, anywhere from size 20 up to 12. Midge larva patterns also work well this time of year, like brassies or zebra midge in sizes 18on down. Good luck!