Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Finding a broken artifact is much more common than coming across a full, intact piece these days. As my uncle has told me more than once, "there are only crumbs left." Of course there are some great stone tools left to be found, but compared to what has been picked up or built upon already, he has a point. This morning was no different, except that I was very surprised when I saw these two broken pieces laying right next to each other. Was this point broken then discarded by the native who made it?  Or was it lost on a hunt and broken sometime in the hundreds or thousands of years since? I'll never know but it's pretty cool to think about. It was a very cool way to start my day and now it goes into the shadow-box table it goes with the other crumbs.


  1. That's too bad, but I'm still envious that you found it. Apparently, I'm living in the middle of a goldmine for points and other artifacts...but I've found none so far.

  2. Look not for points, but for evidence of Native American activity (i.e. stone chips from knapping). Once you find where they were, you may start finding artifacts.