Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Face Time

Appearing in this week's New England edition of The Fisherman magazine is an article that I wrote about my favorite trout haunt, Connecticut's Farmington River.  On January 1, 2012, a new set of regulations took place that create over 20-miles of year-round trout fishing opportunities along this blue-ribbon stream.  The article explains these new regulations in detail, as well as gives a few good reasons why you are missing out if you have not yet experienced the Farmington first hand.  The fine folks at The Fisherman even put my ugly mug and a beautiful brown trout on the cover.  The issue starts hitting mailboxes and newsstands today.


  1. Funny, I just got mine in the mail and came in side and saw this. I will give it a read for sure. Thanks.

  2. Very nice. Put my signed copy in the mail ASAP, please.

  3. Congrats on the cover and the article. Can't wait to read it and hopefully you put in coordinates from me so I can catch a few of those large browns myself. Never mind, I'd just lose them anyway just like the last trip.

  4. That guy truly looks familiar.

    Well done K.

  5. But we can't have two The Fisherman?!?

  6. Did you have to shave to be on the cover? A day on the Farmington plus a Bacon Egg and Cheese from Riverton General Store is nothing short of heaven. Nice work Kierran.

  7. Savage: thanks for reading!

    TJ: Thanks! I will have extra copies if you really want one; email me your hick address.

    PTO: Stop beating yourself up about the Farmington browns! They got that big for a reason. Thanks for the comments!

    Brk Trt: Thanks bud!

    English: Word verification is a pain in the ass, but I enjoyed your comment!

    Linesider: That was a good one about shaving for the cover. My beard grew back in full the next day anyway. I love bacong, egg & cheeses too; we call 'em BEC's.