Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Come She Will

April is one of my favorite months, but this year, unlike the famous Simon and Garfunkel's lyrics, our streams have been far from swelled with rain. Quite the contrary, Connecticut's waterways have more resembled late summer levels this spring. Nonetheless, the trout fishing has been quite good, it has just required a little more stealth and patience from anglers. 

Like many things in nature, the anxiously awaited hendrickson hatch arrived a bit early this spring. Unlike most years, the first large mayflies emerged from the surface film of the Farmington River well before our annual camping trip for the trout season opener. Whether it was morning nymphing, mid-afternoon dun hatches, or evening spinner-falls, each life cycle phase of these delectable bugs provided some great opportunities for fly fishermen.

The three-tailed trout crack came early like everything else this spring.

A Survivor with a left-orange elastomer tag that was stocked in 2010


  1. Beautiful photos and fat fish - thanks for sharing!

  2. Fantastic fish...what a wonderful resource we have in the Farmington!