Friday, February 27, 2015

Epoxy Jigs Aren't Just For Albies

False albacore are the first fish that come to mind when I think about epoxy jigs. This type of lure casts well, can be ripped through the water column at a high rate of speed, and mimics a slew of small baitfish. It didn't really occur to me to use epoxy jigs in freshwater applications until we started targeting big seeforellen brown trout from shore. If they work on trout in open water, then why not through the ice? Well, we brought a bunch of the jigs on a January road trip to Lake George for some field testing and apparently lakers love them too. They get to the bottom in a hurry and their slim profile matches an array of forage from smelt to ciscos. When lake trout are in an aggressive chasing mood, epoxy jigs are a great offering to tie on. It's always nice to find another nice tool for the toolbox. Thanks, Hogy Lures

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