Monday, January 18, 2010

Mid Season Form

What a difference one week can make.  Last weekend, trout were stacked at the lake bottom, aggressively inhaling our jigs at times. Seven days later, trout were hard to find under our base camp, lightly tapping our jigs, if they even hit them at all. One thing that did improve since the last time out was the temperature, as Saturday was akin to a beach day. Our parkas were rarely worn, and some of us ventured away from the shelter to see if better luck could found elsewhere on the lake. 

Photo credit: Aaron Swanson

Photo credit: Aaron Swanson

As we approach late January, the mid-season doldrums are now upon us. Early ice is now over across the board for Connecticut anglers.  Good fish can still be had any given trip, but the consistent action of first ice is over and done with.  We will hopefully see an up-tick in activity as late ice approaches about a month from now.  Since we capitalized on early ice trout and pike, I plan to branch out and revisit other venues that were neglected during the first part of this season. Species like walleye, smelt and smallmouth bass may be targeted over the next few outings, before returning back to pike and trout to close out the ice season.  Slow fishing or not, a great time was still had by all on Saturday, with a crew reminiscent of the good old days. 

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