Thursday, March 17, 2011

Get Up, Stand Up

In Governor Malloy’s proposed two-year budget, a portion of the reduction of services/spending includes the closure of the Kensington fish Hatchery as part of cuts being made to Connecticut's Department of Environmental Protection. The budget projects this action would potentially realize $800,000 in savings over two years – a relatively miniscule figure compared to the overall budget.

The Kensington fish hatchery has some unique qualities not enjoyed by other state hatcheries, which are already at capacity for fish production. If this hatchery goes away, anglers will not see increases in production elsewhere to stem the gap in fish stocking.

The Kensington Hatchery produces CT's only Seeforellen brown trout

What Connecticut Anglers Stand to Lose:

  • While the closure of this facility looks to generate approximately $800,000 in savings, it is reported that annual operating costs are closer to $95,000 - $100,000 annually (David Mordavsky – Journal Inquirer). 
  • Recent upgrades were made to this facility totaling $65,000 in improvements. The hatchery is reportedly in excellent condition (Modavsky – Journal Inquirer).
  • Kensington has unique qualities which produce healthy, good looking fish and also meet federal Interstate Salmon program requirements. The dirt ponds and water alkalinity are unique to this hatchery.
  • Closing the Kensington hatchery will effectively end Connecticut's participation in the four-state Atlantic salmon restoration program. 
  • According to the DEP, the Kensington Hatchery produces the state’s only strain of Seeforellen brown trout. The hatchery produces 25,000 catchable size trout and 700 surplus broodstock annually. The 700 surplus broodstock support 8 of the most important trout lakes. In addition, approximately 250,000 fry and parr are produced and used in programs to enhance sea run and wild trout. These fish live longer, grow larger, and are wilder in nature than brown trout strains used in other hatcheries.
  • Also according to the DEP, the Quinnebaug and Burlington Trout Hatcheries are currently at full production capacity. Fish production from Kensington cannot be moved to another hatchery.
  • Decreased stocking programs could lead to less angler hours realized, in turn leading to less revenue for associated business and ultimately tax revenues. The 750,000 trout stocked by the State generate 1.5million angler hours and an associated $56million in revenue (David Mordavsky – Journal Inquirer).

The Kensington Hatchery is responsible for CT's fall broodstock salmon fishery

Below is the contact information of Governor Malloy and of ranking members of the Environmental Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly.  There is also a link for finding the elected officials in your district.  Please call or write to let them know that Connecticut anglers cannot afford to lose this facility; especially considering the recent increase in licensure fees.

Governor Dannel P. Malloy; Phone: 860-566-4840, or 1-800-406-1527; EmailAddress: Office of the Governor, State Capitol, 210 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106

Sen. Edward Myer (Co-Chair); Phone: 860-240-0455, or 1-800-842-1420; Address: Legislative Office Building, Room 3200, Hartford, CT 06106-1591

Rep. Richard Roy (Co-Chair); Phone: 1.800.842.8267, or 860-240-8585; EmailAddress: Legislative Office Building, Room 3201, Hartford, CT 06106-1591
Sen. Andrew M. Maynard (Vice Chair); Phone: 860-240-0591; Address: Legislative Office Building, Room 2300, Hartford, CT 06106-1591
Rep. Paul Davis (Vice Chair); Phone: (203) 799-7285; EmailAddress: Legislative Office Building, Room 4045, Hartford, CT 06106-1591
Sen. Andrew W. Roraback (Ranking Member); Phone: 1-800-842-1421; Address: Legislative Office Building, Room 3400, Hartford, CT 06106
Rep. Clark J. Chapin (Ranking Member); Phone: 1-800-842-1423; Email;  Address: House Republican Office, L.O.B., Room 4200, Hartford, CT 06106


  1. an outrage. a pitiful thing. i hope our community in this state really comes out to get behind smashing this.

  2. My good buddy Aaron put much of this together. Let's hope it stirs up some phone calls.