Wednesday, June 1, 2011


A seafood lover I have always been and shellfish are near the top of my list. With last weekend being the unofficial start to summer, I set out to harvest some of my favorite treats from Long Island Sound. My first experience digging clams last year yielded a decent appetizer, but nothing like what friends and I uncovered during two recent low tides. The amount of soft-shell clams for the taking was quite impressive and kept our time on the rocks and mud to a minimum, which was a good thing as the digging and bending over can take a toll on your back. The most productive method for us was using a pitch fork for breaking the hard surface, then a smaller claw for picking through the mud and rock piles. We took home 60 on the first trip and broke triple digits on day two.  Needless to say, both sides of my family ate well over the weekend. Steamers always taste great, but they seem that much better when you dig them yourself.

Photo credit: Alex Moe


  1. Great start to the summer. Nice going.

  2. You know your killing me.
    Those are awesome. Such pleasure from the sea.
    Well done K.
    I'll email you my address, I'll take several dozen.

  3. nice bud select bro...

  4. try to get a hold of a stone fork. It is a heavier fork for getting at the soft shells in the rocks. Great haul.

  5. Thanks for reading and thanks for the tip, Savage.