Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sand Eel Invasion

The western reaches of Long Island Sound are paved with millions of tiny sand eels; a favorite meal of striped bass, bluefish, and fluke among others. There are literally acres of the small baitfish lining our beaches and river mouths, which should help draw in predators and contribute to some great angling opportunities. I recently ventured out at first light armed with a fly rod and sparse sand eel presentations; my favorite way to capitalize on this type of action. There were so many sand eels in front of me that I was snagging them on my hook during retrieves.  Micro striper were crashing on the surface all around me, sending the bass candy flying in the air. Each drift produced at least one strike, so I eventually put down the rod and picked up the camera and just watched the feeding frenzy. That would not have been easy to do if the fish were any larger in size. It was a fun morning regardless and one that I hope to replicate many times in the near future. 

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