Friday, March 7, 2014

Bunker, Bass & Blues

This footage was shot last fall during one of those days you never want to forget. We didn't reel in any monsters, but had fish after fish crashing our live bunker on the surface. We ran out of bait not once, but twice--just plain old fun.

I've been sitting on the footage for a while waiting for a new computer and editing software. The timing of it all worked well because just about everyone is sick of winter by now and, albeit just three minutes long, I think this video gets the blood pumping quite nicely. 

Like many of you, I'm ready for spring and everything that comes with it. Here's to more days like this one in the near future...


  1. Thanks I needed that. I love ice fishing and all, but I am looking forward to warmer days.

  2. Great video! Sure those stripers weren't 50 lber's, but you were catching some nice fish. Days like that are you keep casting when you aren't having one of those days. You never know when things will turn on out in the salt.

  3. I miss time on the Sound. Thanks for video Kierran.

  4. Nice fish and video.Thanks.