Monday, April 7, 2014

The Wall

I have always admired the walls of tackle shops adorned with surfcasting lures. At one of my favorite spots, Rivers End in Old Saybrook, hanging above the plugs for sale are dozens of retired ones, each with its own story to tell. Not only are plug walls cool to look at, it's a smart and easy way to organize them. For too long I've stored my collection in large plastic boxes. I'm not saying that's not a good way to stay organized, it can be and often is. But to rifle through boxes when preparing for a trip can be time consuming and frustrating. Cherry-picking them off a wall is much more preferable to me. And when I'm not fishing, I can spend hours just playing with the lures like I did with green plastic army men when I was seven years old. 
So I recently went to one of those big box stores that shall remain nameless and, for under $40, picked up some 2'x4's, a large section of peg board and some peg board hooks and, voilĂ !, my new plug wall was born. It doesn't matter that I probably definitely surf fish with eels and bunker more than lures these days, the wall looks pretty badass and when I'm in the middle of a Chinese fire drill getting ready for a impromptu surfcasting session, at least it will save me a little preparation time.


  1. The man cave is taking form... I like rivers end, its where I scored a sweet tackle box full if lures. The guy behind the counter turned them down!!!!! Weren't big enough was what he said. Oh well his loss. They have expanded their freshwater tying selection, 'bout time.
    Nice looking plugs, keep 'em within reach, saltwater action is right around the corner.

  2. You should consider getting a needlefish.

  3. Fantastic Collection .. add there .. Led Lures.