Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fish When You Can

It has long been said that the best time to fish is when you can. Those words have never had more meaning to me than they do now. While the past few months have been the best of our lives with the new addition to our growing family, they have also been the busiest. That said, dad still "needs" to sneak out on the water once in a while to get his fix. With an understanding wife and a newborn that is getting better at this sleeping thing, I have been fortunate to find some time to wet a line here and there. I have always appreciated getting outside and doing what I love, but I think that level of appreciation is at all-time high now by not being able to do it anytime I want. Moral of the story, soak in every second with your loved ones, but don't forget to enjoy your "me" time too. 


  1. Glad you got the chance to get out there. Great looking striped. And that blue, what a monster.

    1. Thanks for reading, LQN! That bluefish put up one hell of a fight.