Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ice Purgatory

Some years we would be ice fishing in Connecticut by now. Unfortunately, this is not one of those years. My buddy and I have been making the most of fall, however, fishing at one of our favorite bodies of water. We've logged an unhealthy amount of hours here over the last decade and, this year more than ever, it feels like the effort is finally starting to pay off. Nothing is being shipped to the taxidermist or anything like that, but we've brought some stunning fish to the net and it seems that skunkings are now the exception, not the rule. First ice should be here soon; in the meantime we are enjoying the hand we've been dealt.


  1. That brown is awesome.
    But I have to say the Walleye takes no back seat.
    Time well spent.

  2. Good fish! My town lake finally got it's first ice last night, it won't be long!